About Me

I’ve served for more than a quarter century as a local government / utility geospatial professional, open data advocate and technology consultant. I have a passion to bringing data to the masses in creative ways with geospatial and relational database web / mobile technologies. I ply my geospatial expertise on a daily basis as Application and Database Support Manager for the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission. As a founding partner of  OpenCheck, LLC, I am working to make government financial transparency easily attainable for communities of all sizes.

I strongly believe in importance of sharing knowledge and making public information accessible. Working in public service affords both the opportunity and responsibility to share what is rightly in the public domain. In this spirit, I’m thrilled to be a participant in local and regional GIS / technology user groups. I’m a founding member of the ValleyGIS user group in Western Massachusetts. In 2012 I had the honor of being President of the New England Chapter of the Urban & Regional Information Systems Association (NEURISA) and now with OpenCheck, LLC, I am able to make a positive contribution to local government financial transparency efforts.

May we have spatial times ahead!